Broadford Rovers regard the welfare of children as their number 1 priority. All new coaches that join the club are firstly interviewed by a member of the Executive Committee and must provide two references. Following this, a Garda vetting application is submitted and the new coach will be enlisted to attend a child safeguarding course.

Broadford Rovers will support all their managers and coaches to attend coaching courses both internally and externally

Broadford Rovers encourage all their coaches to attend coaching courses with the FAI. In the last two years Broadford has held, two child safeguarding courses, a PDP 1 course, a 4v4 workshop, and a 7v7 workshop. Broadford Rovers will hold a PDP 2 course in January 2018 with a strength and conditioning course lined up for later this year.

Every team at Broadford Rovers has a qualified person coaching them.

We are lucky enough to have coaches qualified in UEFA A, UEFA B, and National C licence. We also have 18 National D Licences coaches who qualified in 2018.

Please see the link which will further outline the FAI’s coaching pathway.